Look out for upcoming concerts and events presently being booked for 2014.

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Look out for our latest CD: "Come Out Swingin′"
available at: http://www.northernblues.com on the NorthernBlues label. To order any CD′s in our catalogue, please e-mail us at: david@twisters.ca

Hoerl is a Hohner endorsee and uses Hohner Harmonicas exclusively.ashrae' target=_blank>http://www.codedownloadonline.com">ashrae 62.1
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David also endorses and uses Lone Wolf Blues Co. effect pedals. http://www.lonewolfblues.com

Brandon Isaak endorses Redemption Guitars. http://www.redemption-guitars.de

We played a new song at the 2010 Maple Blues Awards held at Koerner Hall in Toronto. This was filmed by Mako Funesaka of Talkin′ Blues. It is on Youtube:
http://www.codedownloadonline.com">nace mr0175
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"I love them Twister boys"
- Candye Kane.

"The Twisters are a national treasure" -Jim Byrnes

Sep-21 Approximately the last 2 weeks in September, 2014
we′ll be in China at the Nanjing International Jazz festival Details to be announced........ashrae 62.1

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